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Our Business...
In conjunction with quality, hand-selected products, our professional staff and business associates provide you the most recent and comprehensive up-to-date regulatory as well as business and operations consulting. We are recognized specialists who accurately assess and integrate our products and services, designed for each level of care provided within private homes, licensed Residential Care sites, commercial businesses, professional associations and trade organizations. Our unique Total Quality Assurance Management and Utilization Review Programs provide our Customers and their care providers diverse “transparent, behind the scenes” safeguard protection. Over the past 30 years, we have established solid, extended networking relationships within the industries we serve. In addition, we have ready-access to all types of HealthCare and business consultants to assist you in your individualized needs. Our ongoing pledge and evident commitment to positively impact the quality of life each and every day is reflected through the relationships we have developed, outcomes we have achieved, directly and indirectly, with policy-making protocol and legislative action within the HealthCare continuum on local, state-wide, regional and national levels. Many of our Customers tell us they wish they had started using our products and services a long, long time ago. We have provided them peace of mind and significantly made their job and lives easier.

Our Philosophy...
At Phoenix Medical we believe each Customer has the right to a life which reflects self-worth, respect and control of decisions that may affect the provision of HealthCare. We also believe a Customer is entitled to personal service. We advocate for our Customers and their care providers to the highest level possible and entitled by law. We conduct ourselves in an ethical, moral and legal manner. We do what is right, even when it does not appear to be expedient or conventional. We will not knowingly provide you products that endanger your health and well-being. We are committed to providing you or your loved ones medical products of the highest quality and cost effective to meet your own needs.

Every person we meet provides us invaluable opportunities for personal and professional growth. We feel a genuine obligation to our Customer and the community to provide practical, meaningful information and realistic choices. We clearly recognize the complexity of the HealthCare continuum and we pledge to simplify your options. Together we will cut through the "red tape" on your behalf. Our continual goal is to enhance the quality of daily living by being a reliable resource within the HealthCare system, an advocate for those unfamiliar with the reimbursement system and a valued provider of quality, hand-selected medical products and supplies.

Our Customers...
As a Customer, you are Phoenix Medical's most important asset. We continually seek to identify your needs, creatively and successfully meet them and expand our services with your valuable feedback and helpful recommendations. Our ability to serve is based upon and as diverse as our Customers. If you are a Consumer in the home, a licensed professional or care provider through an agency, program or institution, a manager, trustee or foster parent, or an individual within the business industry, we can, without any doubt, contribute by being a valued resource and supplier.

Our Professional Team...
We pride ourselves on the efficiency and effectiveness of our caring and dedicated Account Managers, Customer Service Representatives, Licensed Professionals and Clinical Specialists, Case Managers, Reimbursement Specialists, Professional Education TrainerS™ (PETS™), HealthCare Associates and Industry Consultants.

Our CEO...
Joan Nerz, R.N. - A step in faith projected Ms. Nerz from the nursing profession into the HealthCare industry to fill a need she realized because of her background. As a pioneering entrepreneur she brings with her a vision of quality, versatility and a genuine commitment to meet the needs of HealthCare providers, licensed professionals, caregivers, families and Consumers.

Throughout four decades in the HealthCare field, Joan has acknowledged and responded to perpetual change and has asserted positive action for the community, care providers and individuals.

With experience in non-profit and for-profit organizations, Administration, HealthCare Management, Infection Control, Community Nursing, Pharmacy, Education and Consulting for Acute, Long-Term and Home HealthCare settings, she truly understands and demonstrates the propensity to keep a pulse on your needs.

Joan's diverse background has given her opportunity to establish and organize solid and versatile networks, develop creative and constructive approaches to problem-solve and streamline daily activities. She is steadfast in her knowledge and ability to cultivate a readily accessible team of professionals to assist you.


Across The Street or Across The Nation.™

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